Democracy Defended: Bolivians Thwart Coup Attempt, Heed President Arce’s Call to Action

A swift and dramatic turn of events unfolds in Bolivia as citizens mobilize against a military uprising.


On June 26th, 2024, Bolivia narrowly avoided a significant political upheaval. In a shocking turn of events, General Juan José Zúñiga, the nation’s army chief, attempted a coup d’état. President Luis Arce swiftly condemned the action, calling it an attack on democracy and urging the Bolivian people to defend their elected government. This triggered a remarkable display of public support, effectively thwarting the coup attempt within hours.

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Bolivia Coup Attempt

On June 26th, 2024, General Juan José Zúñiga led Bolivian troops in an attempted coup d’état. They stormed the presidential palace, aiming to “restore democracy” according to Zúñiga’s statement.

Bolivia Coup Thwarted: Public Defends Democracy

President Arce’s Response

President Luis Arce strongly condemned the coup attempt, calling it an attack on democracy. He urged Bolivians to defend their elected government and swiftly appointed a new army commander.

Public Mobilization

Heeding President Arce’s call, the Bolivian people mobilized in remarkable numbers. Demonstrations erupted in major cities, with citizens expressing strong support for democracy. There are reports of counter-actions by civilians to impede troop movements.

International Reaction

The international community responded swiftly, condemning the coup attempt and expressing support for Bolivia’s democratic process.

Historical Context

Bolivia has a history of political unrest. The 2019 coup that ousted Evo Morales and the subsequent election of Luis Arce created ongoing political tensions. These tensions may have been a factor in the recent coup attempt.

Bolivia Coup Thwarted: Public Defends Democracy


The failed coup attempt in Bolivia serves as a powerful testament to the strength of democracy and the will of the people. President Arce’s resolute leadership and the public’s unwavering support effectively safeguarded the nation’s democratic institutions. However, Bolivia continues to navigate a complex political landscape. Continued vigilance and commitment to democratic principles will be crucial for its future stability.

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